Real World Media Training
Real World Crisis Management

When former news reporter Steve Wilson launched his business in 1987, his goal was never to be the biggest crisis management and media training company in America...just the best.

Over the years, he and his associates have consulted on projects and conducted media response workshops for clients throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. And his client list has included some of the most recognizable names in the chemical, petroleum, food and healthcare industries.

Hundreds of Real World Media Training workshops have been conducted from Portland, Oregon, to Paducah, Kentucky, and scores of communities in between. His straight-forward approach to crisis management has won him praise from clients as well as the news media.

You'll find our workshops educational, interesting, entertaining and yes, even fun. You'll find our mock disasters and on-camera interviews so realistic; you may forget that they're not the real thing. You'll never find them boring.

And you'll find that even after more than a quarter-century in the business, we still offer the same personal attention and hands-on, no-nonsense approach that attracted our clients in the first place.