Media Training & Presentation Skills Bootcamp

Today’s communications landscape is a minefield.

Are your spokespeople ready for battle?

Barbed questions from reporters. Hostile audiences. Sneak attacks. When your spokespeople are in front of the media or a live audience, nothing but a 5-star performance will do.

Generals know that winning in battle requires strategy and training. But rarely do executives have time for days of drills. The solution: our Media and Presentation Skills Express Boot Camp. This focused, intensive one day coaching program covers the critical fundamentals of both media interviewing and live presentations:

  • Developing winning messages
  • Interview and presentation techniques
  • Strategies for counter-attacking hostile reporters and audiences

Express Boot Camp participants learn by doing, as workshop leaders take them through a variety of exercises, including video-taped interviews and presentations. They leave with new skills and greater confidence, enabling them to communicate more clearly and powerfully.

Ideal for groups of three to 10, Express Boot Camp is an extremely time-efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional training programs.