Next Gen Media Training

Next Gen Media Training goes far beyond traditional interviewing and crisis management workshops. Today, executives, subject-matter experts, field personnel, elected officials and other spokespersons need to deftly navigate a dizzying array of mainstream and social media channels. They also must master new technologies and platforms, including podcasts and remote video interviews.

Our small-group workshops and 1:1 live and virtual coaching sessions are tailored to each client’s needs. Topics typically include:

  • Understanding the changing media landscape and what it means to an organization, as well as its leaders and spokespersons
  • Crafting stories and messages for different audiences and channels
  • Conducting print, online and broadcast media interviews, including podcasts and remote video interviews
  • Getting your message across, regardless of the questions asked
  • Serving as a spokesperson in a crisis
  • Dealing with hostile interviewers

All of our programs include interactive exercises, such as videotaped TV interviews and press conferences, Zoom interviews, podcasts and creating posts and videos for social media.