Real World Media Training Programs

SBCCOG.4 This course is the evolution of nearly three decades of crisis media training and real world media interviews. It is a course based not in theory, but in practice. It was designed with a single purpose: to help potential spokespersons get their message across, even in the worst of times.

It is a hands-on workshop with little lecturing but a tremendous amount of interaction, including plenty of chances to practice what you learn in on-camera interviews and critiques. It may well be one of the most realistic workshops you’ll ever attend.

You’ll learn what to expect in a crisis – the questions that might be asked and more importantly, how you can answer them. Our goal is to help you avoid mistakes and build self-confidence.

The program mirrors what goes on in the real world, not just a classroom. We’ll cover:

  • Preparing for interviews, even when there is little time
  • Determining what you want to say, as well as how to say it
  • Managing both traditional and social media challenges

SBCCOG.1Past participants in this workshop have ranged from those with little or no experience in dealing with reporters to seasoned veterans looking for a refresher course to sharpen their interview skills.

Regardless of where life takes you after this workshop, we hope this course will help enhance your communications skills not only in dealing with the news media, but also in everyday life.

Typically presented as an all-day workshop for six to eight students, a variety of formats are available. Workshops can be conducted on-site, at a nearby hotel or conference facility, or arranged entirely by Ritter Communications.