Close to 1,000 people attended our keynote seminar with post survey results giving the content, topic and speakers the highest rating.

John Berglund

Executive Director, Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America

We clearly made our points and got everyone excited about the future of Scion. Your advice helped and gave me the confidence to present with a passionate, yet relaxed, style.

Mark Templin

former vice president Scion, now Executive Vice President, Lexus

The rest of my council should have been here.

Suburban Los Angeles city council members

Beneficial to anyone who may end up in a media situation.

Suburban Los Angeles city council members

Brad’s input on my presentation was invaluable. I have received many, many compliments from the organizers and attendees. This would not have been possible without Brad’s help.

Robert Long

Partner, Littler Mendelson